How To Stop eBay Auction Sniping

What is eBay auction sniping?

If you bid for a few things on eBay, the chances are that ultimately you will finish up getting your bid beaten at the very last second by a ‘sniper’. This can be a frustratiebay auction sniperng experience, and whereas in theory sniping is against the laws and you’ll be able to report it to eBay, in practice they never do anything concerning it.

Manual sniping isn’t that tough, if you’ve got a ton of your time to spare and a reasonably fast Internet connection. Write down when every auction that are bidding on ends, and then make certain that you are sitting there in front of the page for that vital last minute. You can then outbid the present winning bidder, or defend your own winning bid.

The most important tip you actually need to remember for manual sniping is to make sure that you just set your bid quite high – otherwise you might be automatically outbid, and the auction will have ended before you’ll bid once more. This is called ‘manual sniping’ and needs a lot of free time to make it work properly, and it’s not worth wasting your time to compete against someone who is using an automated sniping service.

With automatic sniping there are two types-

1. The first type are online services that will snipe on your behalf for a small fee. A lot of these services will offer a free period for trial, and then charge a fee. These are good at doing what you pay them for, as they will get what you want at a good price, and this saves you a lot of time and effort.

2. If you don’t want to pay every time for an on-line service, then you might be better off getting a bit of software like iSnipeIt ( or SnipeRight ( You will pay for these once and use them for as long as you would like. Once you have put in the software on your computer, you tell it which auctions you would like sniped and the highest price you’re willing to pay. The software will then place the bid with only some seconds left. The only disadvantage is that you will have to leave your pc on nearly repeatedly, or you may miss the end of some auctions.

How To Stop eBay Auction Snipingauction sniper

Bidders will bid on an item and then look forward to days till it finishes, only to have somebody else outbid them at the last minute. In a ancient auction at a true auction house, this is not a problem in the least, because the auction keeps going till everybody has bid as much as they need to, and therefore the auctioneer double-checks with the classic phrase “going, going, gone”.

The downside on eBay is caused by the fixed length of time that eBay’s auctions last, and the very fact that they are not extended considerably if somebody places a brand new bid in the last few seconds of the auction. Imagine if a real auction house worked like that , letting folks shout “fifty cents more!” at the last second and win an item. It would simply be unfair, and many consumers suppose it’s unfair on eBay too. There are a few online auctions (eg. Gray’s online) that do let the auction go past the advertised finish time, especially if the final bidding in the last 5 minutes is frantic.

So, what can we do to stop eBay sniping.

First off, you’ll be able to encourage your buyers to use eBay’s proxy bidding system the way it had been meant to be. The plan of the system is that they enter the maximum they’re willing to acquire an item and eBay places bids for them automatically up to that price. They are not supposed to come back and bid an extra greenback each time they get outbid. If your bidders are bidding high enough, then no sniper can come along and beat them – because they will have set the utmost snipe level in their sniping software to the conventional bidder’s maximum. Changing the way folks use eBay is difficult, though.
Another way is to keep an eye on who’s bidding on your auction, and cancel bids from known snipers – but this needs you to be around right at the tip of the auction to cancel their bids. You might also need to line your auction to finish someday when bidders will be around so that they will outbid snipers themselves. This is nice business senebaysnipingse anyway – most of the bidding perpetually takes place in the last few hours of an auction.

An easier method to thwart bid snipers is to supply ‘Second Chance’ sales to bidders who get outbid by a sniper at the last minute. This is nice for you, and for them – they still get to shop for the item they wanted, and you’ve just created 2 sales: one to the sniper and one to them.

I have listed a few ideas on how to beat the eBay sniper, but no solution is perfect. In business there are no friends, just business associates, so sometimes you have to ask yourself-’if you can’t beat them, then should I join them?’.

The choice is yours, so good luck and leave me a comment below on what you think about this topic and how you deal with the situation.


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How To Stop eBay Auction Sniping
How To Stop eBay Auction Sniping

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