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Importing Goods to the USA

import productsImporting goods to the USA have been done by many successful entrepreneurs for many decades. Gone are the days when importers traditionally made an overseas buying trip to investigate the supplier, products and procedures of the export country. Now a days, online directories, wholesale markets and B2B companies make it much more easier for importing products from Asia.

USA imports much of its goods from abroad and Asia tops the list of suppliers. USA goods imported from China and other Asian countries make up a big chunk of the total imports into the USA. The 2011 full year Import statistics shows that the Asian countries of China ($399.30 billion), Japan ($128.80 billion), South Korea ($56.60 billion), Saudi Arabia ($47.50 billion), Taiwan ($41.30 billion), India ($36.20 billion) and Singapore ($19.10 billion) were all among the top exporters of Goods and Services into the USA. China alone reported 18.1% of all the imports into the USA. With these kinds of facts it is difficult to ignore Asia if you are engaged in Export and Import of any kinds of goods.

The most important categories of goods imported from Asia are Electrical Machinery, Machinery, Electronics Goods, Toys and Sports Equipment, Furniture and Bedding, Textiles and Footwear. Other sectors like Fashion accessories, Photography equipment, photographic supplies, Granite, Kitchen-ware and the newly growing markets of Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture products also make their way into the U.S. market.

One of the major importers of Granite and Marble in USA is Boston Granite Exchange ( situated in the New England. They specialize in kitchen counter tops and also do quartz surfacing. They have established contacts with quarries at India and other places from which they import large quantities of Cut Marble and Granite natural stone slabs.

Importing from Asia might seem simple, get hold of an Asian sourcing directory, find some distributors, send them requests and the quotes reach you instantly. It might seem straight forward, but it is not as easy in the real world. Its easy to find an Asian supplier, but building a relationship with a reliable supplier gets you the real business. You will need to do the home work clearly before doing the trade.

Free trade agreements (FTA) signed between USA and Asian Countries recently have simplified the procedure of importing products from Asia. Though the Customs requirements on some goods particularly from China are stringent, still the simplified process makes it easier for even individuals or small business owners to do business directly with Chinese Distributors, Manufacturers and businesses. Express shipment services like the UPS, FedEx and DHL with major distribution hubs across Asia and China, guarantee next-day delivery between major cities of USA and China.

How do I meet Asian exporters?

import-exportBeing a buyer, US importers are most sought after by Chinese and Asian exporters who make big efforts to reach out International businesses. There are message boards, directories, forums which prospective US importers can make use of like the Informed Trade International community forum and other websites meant as a meeting place between exporters and importers.

Some of the useful resources for Asian Import market are; Chinese Supplier Directory (, Global B2B trade partners (, Trade India Manufacturers and Exporters Directory (, China Business Directory and Trade Leads ( Exporters associations of USA like and also have forums and exchange trade leads between members.

Importing directly or buying from drop ship businesses

china import
When you are planning to regularly import large volumes of a single product it is better to set up an office in China or near your Asian supplier/manufacturer and invest in people who understand both the Asian language and English fluently. But if you are going to handle smaller volumes of different products sourced from many suppliers, then it would be better to get them shipped by Wholesale companies in China who have catalogs of such products readily available. It wouldn’t be worth your time looking and searching for suppliers of different products in a country like China where language is a big problem.

One of the established drop ship exporters to the USA from China with online presence is Cyber Import China Factory Wholesaler ( They have an online catalog of Chinese goods from wholesale factory outlets which run to more than eight thousand pages including products from Electronics, Fashion, Art, Health, Kitchen, Toys, Sports, Watches, Household and Baby items. They have offices in Beijing and Yiwu. There are many other drop ship wholesale suppliers like, Import From China Business ( and Goodscool-China (

When you are importing products from Asia like Electronics or toys, the most obvious choice is from China. Chinese suppliers armed with the low manufacturing costs have swamped the international market. But there is an increasing risk of anti-dumping issues in dealing with Chinese goods. Chinese costs are also going up in cities like Shanghai so importers might have to look ahead of China in the coming years; countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand offer good alternatives and they also have better English speaking middlemen and interlocutors than in China.

Importing products from Asia to the USA mainly have issues with quality, language and communications, logistics and pricing problems. Trying out trial shipments, understanding the legal requirements in both the sides, expecting the problems are some ways to work around the issues. Bulk Global trade works on trust, and it is very important to find trust-worthy partners. That is the key to success in the import business.

by Kane Minks

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Importing products from Asia
Importing products from Asia

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