Factory Clearance Outlet

What is a Factory Clearance Outlet?

A Factory Clearance outlet store is a type of shopping establishment where manufacturers sell their stock and merchandise directly to the public mostly at a discounted price. Historically, Factory outlets were attached to the factory or warehouse itself where they sold overstock goods, sometimes allowing the customers to have a peek at their production process like they did at the original L.L. Bean factory store.

Now factory outlet stores are like regular malls operated by chain businesses all over the USA with multiple branded stores like GAP and others grouped and situated in a mall at a short distance from urban areas. Most Factory outlets sell fashion goods, foodstuff, gifts, home merchandise, drapery, electronics and other such items.

The original factory outlets worked as an additional retail outlet of a factory or warehouse directly selling to customers who come all the way up to the factory apart from selling through retail outlets. The factory outlets cut down on the dealer margin and sold overproduced goods, flawed and irregular products at a discounted price. As this concept picked up, more and more outlet malls started coming up in various parts of USA, who assembled together a group of fashion stores that sell these types of goods.

In most cases, the packaging of the goods may be different than the retail stores or there may be no packaging at all to reduce the costs. Companies started to appreciate Factory outlets as a way to clear their unsold stocks, goods with flaws and obsolete products. Instead of disposing of all of such goods, they sold them at a reduced price. Factory outlets sell goods that are of fairly high quality, and from reputed companies but with minor flaws in design or production. Factory outlets also sell their own line of goods from manufacturers that are not sold elsewhere at all because the entire batch or the whole product itself was deemed not to be sold at retail stores.

Why is it cheaper at Factory Outlets? factoryoutletsales

* Factory outlet stores are sometimes located near their factories to sell excess goods.
* Outlet stores are operated by manufacturers who sell directly to customers, so the dealer margin is cut down.
* They may sell Factory Seconds, irregular and less-than-perfect inventory.
* They clear Overstock goods that might never be sold through retail stores.
* They save money by being in malls which are situated in non-urban areas.

Today, there are few chains of factory outlets operating all over the U.S.A. They have similar malls spread out in all the states near metropolitan areas, and you will find the same stores in all of them. Premium Outlet Center and Tanger outlet center are two such chains with multiple facilities. Hundreds of Premium Outlet Centers are strategically located quite close to major U.S. destinations.

You may need to drive a bit, or take the Public Bus Transport to reach their malls. Their collection of stores is large, and most customers plan for a full day trip when they go to one of the Premium outlets. Premium also promotes Travel and tourism via their outlet shopping arcades bringing in Bus loads of tourists to go around their shops and look out for bargain deals. Tanger has a collection of 39 outlet centers now all over the USA and Canada, and it continues to expand.

Tanger is a renowned place for Savvy fashion outlet shoppers. They also promote their malls as major tourist attraction to bring in Bus-bound tourists to their malls. There are other outlet chains like VF Mall, The Mills and Horizon Group who operate in different areas of the U.S.A.

How to save at Factory Clearance Outlet?

1. Prepare for your shopping trip – plan what you need for weeks, write down your preferences and get to know the outlet mall and its shops before you reach there.
2. Sales offers, coupons and mailing lists – collect coupons in the weeks before your trip, this saves you much more than anything else.
3. Know your merchandise – fashion outlet malls have specific type of goods and wares. Be familiar on what to expect there, and how they are packed.
4. Mail-in rebates – look out if the discount is instant or mail-in. If they are mail-in check out all the coupons and forms you may need and be prompt in sending the mail-in forms.
5. Food and snacks – a trip to a factory clearance outlet may be longer than your regular mall trip. In most cases, it takes a whole day to shop and buy all the goods you need. If you are taking kids and family along plan for you day long food and snacks.

Gilroy Premium outlet near the Bay area in California is one such Factory Outlet. It has 145 outlet store and being in the Bay Area, it attracts heavy crowds during the weekend. Jackson Premium Outlet is situated in NJ and caters to the Manhattan crowd where as Lake Elsinore Outlets by VF malls is situated near the Los Angeles area.

Likewise, every major US City has one or more factory outlets at a small distance from the main area. Shopping at the Factory Clearance Outlet gives a unique, exciting and fun experience for bargain hunters. They are enjoyable, while saving you big bucks on nearly every single merchandise.


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