Sourcing Wholesale iPod and iPad Accessories

How and Where to Find the Right Suppliers

Competition has been very tough in online marketplaces and it can be a little difficult to earn so much money and stand out from the rest of other sellers especauction profit formulaially when you are a novice in this business. One of the most competitive niches in virtual markets is the technology and gadget niche and here, buyers are always on the lookout for the most affordable gadgets such as iPods and the recently released iPad. Although there are so many buyers in this field, there are also so many sellers, making the market very saturated. If you want to earn money, why don’t you focus on selling a wide range of accessories and add-ons for these in-demand gadgets?

Selling iPods and iPads is a very tedious task because there are so many competitors, and you need a large amount of capital to get started whereas if you sell accessories, you will enter a relatively less competitive market with an equally large number of buyers. To be able to do this successfully, you must source iPad accessories first. Here are some tips on how and where you can find a good and dependable wholesaler who can supply your business needs.

Branded versus Unbranded

Before you source iPad accessories, you need to determine first whether you want to sell branded or unbranded items. Of course, you can sell both, but if you are just starting, it would be a good idea to concentrate on one first. Branded items may require a fairly large capital because it carries the name of the brand but it could also be more popular to buyers. You can sell branded items like Belkin in-car equipment or Sennheiser in-ear headphones at a higher price, which may mean good profits, but it could also mean fewer sales because buyers might hunt for cheaper accessories. Furthermore, if you chose to source iPad accessories that are branded, you must be sure that they are legitimate and genuine.
On the other hand, if you try to source iPad accessories that are unbranded such as iPad cases and screen protectors, you can get them at a much lower price and sell them at a little higher price.

Try Local Suppliers

The products might not be very attractive but if you find a local supplier in your own city or a nearby one where you can source iPad accessories, your risks of getting substandard products are lowered and your shipping costs are reduced. You yourself can check their business records from their local government and check the quality of the products that they offer.

Talk to Manufacturers

Visit manufacturers and see if you can source iPad accessories directly from them. If you obtain your products straight out from the factory, maybe you can source iPad accessories at a very low price. However, if the company is not willing to have direct transactions with you, you can just obtain information about their authorized wholesalers where you can source iPad accessories. By going directly to the manufacturers, you can also ask if they are willing to customize products for you and allow you to create your own brand so you have something unique to offer your buyers.

Search Supplier Directories

It is not very safe to trust suppliers from the internet and source iPad accessories from them especially if you have just found them after conducting a Google search. If you really want to try foreign suppliers, check out credible supplier directories such as These sites make an effort to know the background details of the suppliers to make sure that they are not scammers.

Ask for Sample Products

When you source iPad accessories, always ask for samples in order to check the quality of their products. If you fail to do this, the products that they might send you are not according to your specifications or are substandard, and this is a great waste of time and money.  Genuine suppliers will be very happy to give you sample products, so you can stop worrying about the credibility of the wholesaler you are dealing with. Before investing large amounts of money, be sure that you are dealing with people who will not jeopardize you and your business but instead make you flourish in your chosen niche.


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iPod and iPad Accessories
iPod and iPad Accessories

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