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Over the years, eBay has become one of the largest platforms where you can buy and sell different kinds of items. Many sellers have shared their own stories of triumph in eBay, encouraging others to venture into online business. Then, people started to rave about eBay and various eBay tools, strategies, and tutorials, and training courses that claim to help you succeed in eBay have sprung up like mushrooms in the World Wide Web. The developers of these tools have created a business out of eBay. This article focuses on Sky High Auctions, an eBay training course and tackles its advantages and disadvantages to help you decide on its worth.

Overview of Sky High Auctions

You need to sign up in their website first to become a member of Sky High Auctions. The website contains navigation menus such as Newsletters, Member’s Home, Account, Help Section, Promote Sky High Auctions (Earn $$$), Member’s Lessons, Sky High Vault, and Bonuses.

Advantages of Sky High Auctions

Paying for the Sky High Auctions membership fee gives you a full access to the training courses and other online selling information available in their website. By clicking the menu Newsletters, you will find a list of tutorials and training documents. Their materials are suitable for novices and experts alike, because they cover a wide-range of topics that are perfect for those who are just starting out or those who already have an experience in eBay and just want to seek help on how to expand their markets. The topics range from the very basic ones, like What Should You Sell on eBay? to advanced ones, like Top Five Importing Tips. You will just have to browse through the documents to determine which ones are essential to you.

Aside from the Newsletters section, you can also find valuable information on menus labeled as Member’s Lessons, Sky High Vault, and Bonuses. The documents on the Newsletters area are just introductory topics. You can find the bulk of the training course and in-depth lessons on the Member’s Lessons section. We can say that this section is the core of Sky High Auctions and studying each article here can provide you very valuable lessons you can use in your business venture.

Disadvantages of Sky High Auctions

In this discussion of the disadvantages of Sky High Auctions, we will focus on two parts: the website and the training courses. First, let us discuss the things in their website that need a little change. When you click on the menus Member’s Home and Account, the link does not take you to another page. Instead, it just reloads the page. Generally, their website is quite cluttered. This is a major disadvantage because it gives the members an impression that Sky High Auctions is not service oriented. Once the members have paid their fees, it is like they are left to go through the seemingly disorganized website and look for the tutorials on their own.

Now, we will discuss the disadvantages of Sky High Auctions’ content. Just like the website, their content is also not organized. It seems like they just dumped them all in the website without even bothering to arrange them in an orderly manner. For example, in the Newsletter section, the articles are cluttered and are not organized according to the topics. They are just listed there randomly.

Organization is essential if you seek to present very important information. If you will just dump all the resources there without arranging them step by step, you are just going to create more confusion on the part of your readers. It is very hard to sift through the voluminous amount of eBay tips, suggestions, guidelines, tutorials just to get what you and your business need as of the moment. This is somewhat an information overload.


Sky High Auctions can be an effective tool to help you and your eBay business succeed. They have amazing resources that tackle almost everything an online seller should know such as ecommerce, product sourcing, and internet marketing. However, they need to pay attention to the organization of their website and of their training courses. There is no doubt that they provide the necessary information. The question is, are they able to relay these effectively to their readers? Perhaps Sky High Auction should be more service oriented. If they do this, surely you and Sky High Auctions will both succeed.


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