Tips for auction selling photos

Photography Tips for eBay Sellers: Attracting Buyers Using Photos          tips for auction selling photos

eBay may be described as an online store where buyers and sellers flock to conduct business transactions. When selling products, it is necessary to attract buyers and convince them that your offers are far better than others. But since you are in virtual world, you can only show off how good your items are through photos. Photographs are essential since they can make or break your business. Product lists without photos are usually neglected by buyers whereas those with excellent photos often receive numerous bids. Here are some tips for auction selling photos that will surely attract buyers.

Clean the Product

The first in this list of tips for auction selling photos is to clean your product before taking photos of it. No camera or any amount of editing can make a dirty product look clean and presentable. Be sure to wipe off any dirt and dust before taking photos of your item.

Use the Best Camera Available

While top-of-the-line cameras yield excellent photos, you do not have to buy them for your eBay listings. However, you should not use a camera phone either. Camera phones can be really convenient but they are not designed to produce the quality you need for your photos. A standard digital camera with 5 megapixels or higher will do the trick in capturing good-quality images.

Use a Plain Background

Tips for auction selling photos that are suggested by photography experts always include the usage of a plain background. Plain backgrounds not only look nice and professional, but they also let the buyers focus on the product. It is best to use a white background unless, of course, your product is also colored white. To catch more attention, choose a background color that contrasts with the color of your item. This may sound a bit odd, but your bathtub might serve as a good background. Aside from the plain white background, it has the added benefit of creating a nice reflected lighting, adding a more professional touch to your photos.

Adjust the Lighting

Make sure that your item receives adequate amount of light so the resulting photos will be clear and bright. Dark and dull images do not attract buyers so it is best to adjust your lighting appropriately. Natural daylight or diffused artificial light are very good options because they do not create any dark shadows or reflective glare. Also, avoid using your camera’s flash as it can cause the image to be overly bright and very blurred.
Getting a photo light box or tent is one of the most useful tips for auction selling photos. This collapsible and inexpensive photography tool allows you to emit shadows and reflections and regulate the light. This is made of an opaque material and after you have placed the item inside, you can already take photos. These boxes or tents are fairly inexpensive but if you are really on a tight budget, you can search the internet for directions on how to make your own.

Sharpen the Focus

When taking auction selling photos, it is important that you produce clear images. Make sure that while taking photos, the camera is not moving and you can do this by using a tripod or resting it on something stable. The blur may not be initially noticeable on your camera but you will notice this once the photo has been uploaded and enlarged.

Get into the Details

To catch the attention of buyers, you need to focus on the details of your item. Hundreds of people may sell one kind of product but you will stand out from the rest once you post photos of the special attributes of the product you are selling. Zoom in on the item’s special feature and take photos from different angles. Then, choose the best photos in the bunch and post them online. You can also edit your photos using any photo-editing software or eBay’s standard photo uploader to make them look more appealing.

Once youhave finished editing, you can finally upload your photos to your listing. Do not scrimp on the number of images just to save a few pennies becausephotos do help a lot in attracting buyers and selling your items. If you have your own web hosting, host the photos yourself rather than uploading them on eBay. This means that you can use the html editor in the item description to include the photos in your listing, and you do not have to pay any extra fees. Follow these tips for auction selling photos to successfully sell your items on eBay.


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Tips for Auction selling photos
Tips for Auction selling photos

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